City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City

Kansas City
15447 W. 100th Terrace
Lenexa, KS 66219
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In 1961, a young entrepreneur named Frank Oddo decided to open up his own janitorial company when he couldn’t find the right job. He grew City Wide from the ground up to become one of the most prominent companies in the building maintenance industry. In 1996 his son, Jeff, took over as the active president and continues in that role today. Jeff is credited with redirecting the company on to a path that would come to set the company apart in the building maintenance world.

  • Transitioned from traditionally staffed to management company                                   
  • Began to offer more than 20 different services                                                                    
  • “Sit on the same side of the table” as the client - represent their needs
  • Focus on vendor selection, compliance & overall client satisfaction

An FSM, assisted by a Night Manager, were assigned to every account, dramatically reducing the amount of stress and time associated with managing vendors.

Nearly 50 years later, City Wide has become one of the country’s superior service management companies. We provide building maintenance in hundreds of buildings throughout the United States and clean thousands of buildings and nearly 100 million square feet of commercial space every night.