• Janitorial Services
    Janitorial Services

    20+ Building Maintenance Solutions. 1 Point of Contact.

  • Carpet Care
    Carpet Care

    Carpet that isn't regularly maintained can be a big eye sore. Let City Wide provide the carpet care essentials for your property.

  • Hard Floor Care
    Hard Floor Care

    Hard surface flooring is a long-term investment - let City Wide help you protect it!

  • Window Washing
    Window Washing

    City Wide's window washing service is a clear winner! We have the know-how to keep your building's windows looking their cleanest.

  • Supply Management
    Supply Management

    By purchasing your janitorial supplies through City Wide, you can take advantage of quality products at a great rate!


20+ Building Maintenance Solutions. 1 Point of Contact.

City Wide understands the importance of the basics. Properly trained quality people with healthy cleaning products are the price of entry into the cleaning industry, but you want more than just the basics. With City Wide, you’ll receive more than just a clean building, you’ll also free up more time and reduce stress.

We Represent a New Kind of Choice.

With City Wide, you’re not choosing between two maintenance companies; you’re choosing between the same thing you’ve always had and an improved way of handling your janitorial and other maintenance services. You’re choosing a company that will become an extension of your management team with the ability to reduce the time and stress associated with managing your janitorial and other maintenance vendors.

Why continue to hire one janitorial company after another resulting in the same problems, when you can hire a company who is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time?